Variable Spring Hanger 

Variable Spring Hangers

Variable Spring Hangers are used if vertical movement of the piping is not allowed to be restricted by rigid hangers. The unique construction of the unit is particularly suitable for use in severe corrosive conditions. Special Variable Hangers or Supports can be designed to suit customer's specific requirements.

Unlike their more sophisticated relatives, Constant Spring Hangers, Variable Spring Hangers are devices that allow a degree of flexibility in the supported equipment. They are in fact a spring balance that, for an increase in load, yield a corresponding change in compressed length in direct relation to the spring stiffness.

The criteria for selecting Variable Spring Hangers falls in to three general categories: firstly the load and displacement for which the support has to cater; secondly the physical arrangement of the support (be it top hanging or base mounted) and thirdly the allowable deviation in load that the pipe can sustain.

Guide lines on the limit of hot to cold load deviation is determined by the pipe stress engineer and can vary for individual support position. As a general rule it should not normally exceed 25%.

Our Variable Spring Hanger catalogues provide full instructions on how to select the correct size of spring. All units are designed to be maintenance free.