Hydraulic Shock Arrestor 

Hydraulic Shock Arrestors

Hydraulic Shock Arrestors are used to prevent damages due to earthquake, flow pulsation, pipe rupture or safety valve blow-off.

By using Hydraulic Shock Arrestors, the occurring travel amplitudes are minimised. Unlike simple viscous dampers, the Hydraulic Shock Arrestors will not restrain normal thermal movement and vibraton resulting in a piston velocity lower than the locking velocity.

Any dynamic event which causes the piston rod to move faster than the locking velocity adjusted when fabricated, will cause the check valve to close and the Hydraulic Shock Arrestors can absorb the loads resulting from disturbance in the piping system. The task of the overflow valve or by-pass valve is to enable a bleed rate of the piston. In the event of an emergency, the capability of the Hydraulic Shock Arrestors to allow a bleed rate is of the utmost importance for its performance.

Our Hydraulic Shock Arrestors come complete with maintenance-free bearings and are available in loads up to 489.000 N and a stroke up to 254mm. Special design Hydraulic Shock Arrestors are available for extreme loads.