Counter Weight System 

Counter Weight Systems

Our Counter Weight Systems support radiant coils, inlet manifolds and crossover systems of Cracking Heaters. As the systems are heated from ambient to operating temperature, significant thermal expansion of the crossover and radiant coils will occur. In addition, over time the radiant tubes will elongate as the result of creep. The Counter Weight Systems are designed to allow both the crossover and radiant coils to expand and move as needed to limit stresses on the system.

The system has two fixed points. The crossover is restrained at the exit of the convection section. The point at which the outlet tube attaches to the Transfer Line Exchanger (TLE) is a fixed point. All of the crossover piping and radiant tubes in between these points are supported by Counter Weight Systems and free to move vertically. Clearance is provided for horizontal movement at casing penetrations as required by thermal expansion and creep growth.

Dutramex supplies Counter Weight Systems and additional components in strict accordance with customer's specifications and drawings.

Please click here for an overview of a typical crosover and coil support system of an SRT III heater.