Constant Load Hanger

Constant Load Hangers

Constant Load Hangers are used where vertical movements should not be restricted by Rigid Hangers and where Variable Spring Hangers cannot be used due to the high deviation between installation load and operating load.

Constant Load Hangers are also used where no great supporting load deviations are allowed in order to avoid additional loadings of the component connections or critical pipe components.

The Constant Load Hangers in our programme incorporates the latest design concepts, resulting in a constant supporting effort through the total travel of the unit. The simplified construction, together with the established principle of a compression spring working in conjunction with a bell crank lever, achieves a mathematically perfect counter-balancing of spring and load moments about the main pivot point.

The design incorporates a device for on-site load adjustment of plus or minus 20% of the set load. This adjustment does not reduce the travel range. The Constant Load Hangers are manufactured to have a maximum deviation of 5% from the set load unless a lower figure is requested at enquiry stage. Upper and lower travel stops are incorporated in all units to prevent excessive overtravel.

Pipe Hanger Range: loads up to 350.000 N.
Travel range: up to 600 mm.

Special Constant Load Hangers can be designed to suit customer's specific requirements.